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Each certification takes you step-by-step through a specific commercial real estate strategy.

There is great opportunity when it comes to stabilized transactions, and this course is designed to help you identify different stabilized property types, analyze stabilized deals, obtain financing, and compete in the flourishing world of stabilized investments.

One of the keys to excelling in joint venture equity and fund structure deals is finding the right partner. This course coaches you on how to do so, while simultaneously showing you how to correctly form the joint venture and the fund.

Value-added investing and lending provides for some of the greatest wealth-building opportunities in real estate. This course outlines how you can discern the nasty deals from the profitable ones, as well as how you can recognize the hidden property potential within any value-added commercial property.

Land development is very important when it comes to commercial investing, and this course focuses mainly on land use, structuring the deal, and land development issues. Additionally, this signals the beginning of the discussion on opportunistic transactions.

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This course focuses on saving you, the investor, generous amounts of time, money, and regret while pursuing your commercial real estate acquisitions. You’ll learn how to avoid any and all potential pitfalls when dealing with commercial properties, along with how to make informed, confident decisions when purchasing time comes around.

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This course continues the discussion on opportunistic transactions and concentrates primarily on condominium developments. When considered as apartments, condominium investments can be incredibly profitable.

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This course focuses strictly on capital structure, which the big shots refer to as “after the senior loan.” We are unconcerned with the senior debt here, which is why the capital structure is after the senior loan. This course defines what will happen next in the transaction.

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This course focuses on finding and taking advantage of Opportunistic Transactions. All the right ways to act and the pitfalls to avoid.

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