Stabilized Transactions Mastery Lesson 02

Lesson Two: Real Estate “Whole Loan” Financing Continuum: The Lenders

2.1 Real Estate Risk

Real estate risk can be viewed on a continuum, going from left (least risk) to right (most risk).

  1. Define the four asset types: Retail, Multi-family, Office, and Industrial.
  2. Explain the different types of real estate properties.
  3. Compare and contrast the different types of permanent financing.
  4. Discuss the underwriting process for stabilized properties.


One of the main numbers to know of any deal, is the loan-to-value (LTV). For this assignment, discuss the importance of LTV and why lenders and investors are concerned with these numbers. Additionally, using the different types of lenders/investors discussed in this course, provide information on the typical LTV each are willing to consider.

This assignment is your study guide to ensure you have learned these materials before you take the required quiz.

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